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BBQ Grill
Bed: King or Waterbed
Bed: Single, Double, Queen or Day
Bicycle or Tricycle
Bookcase, China Cabinet
Boxes: One person can carry
Boxes: Two people must carry
Chair: Overstuffed, Arm or Recliner
Chair: Dining, Bar stool or Lawn
Clothes: per 3 feet of closet rod
Desk: Office or Roll Top
Desk: Small, Secretary, Writing or Return
Dresser, Chest of Drawers or Credenza
Entertainment Center, Per section
File Cabinet - 2 Drawer
File Cabinet - 4 Drawer
Foot Locker, Cedar Chest, Trunk or Large Suitcase
Foot Stool or Ottoman
Garbage Cans or Trash Cans
Lamp: Floor or pole
Microwave Oven or Microwave Oven Stand
Mirrors or Glass: Up to 24" x 36"
Plants: 8" pot or under or plant stand
Plants: 10" pot or larger (If over 100lbs / 6' please ask)
Refrigerator or Freezer
Sewing Machine
Stereo Cabinet
Stereo Components and small speakers Per piece
Sofa: Sleeper or Reclining Sofa
Sofa: Pit Grouping (pieces under 3')
Sofa: Sleeper or Reclining Sofa
Sofa, Love seat or futon
Suitcases - Small
Tables: Coffee, Dining or Sofa Table
Tables: End, Night Stand or Card (2 drawers or less)
Televisions or Monitors 20" or less
Televisions 25" or TV Stand
Televisions 27" - 32" (Over 32" or Big Screen please ask)
Vacuum Cleaner, Ironing Board
Washer / Dryer Set (5 Points Each)
Other Items not listed
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